Stable Connections

Stable Connections is a unique equine learning program for children who would like to engage with the horse world in a heart-centered way. Each child who enrolls in either our Stable Connections group or individual lessons will be appropriately matched with one our miniature horses and guided in weekly relational horsemanship & stable-management sessions. The focus of this program is to offer in-depth foundational equine learning, to support the development of healthy connections to self and others, and experience a sense of community, friendship, & belonging. 

Stable Connections is facilitated by a team of professionals who have training in Equine Facilitated Wellness Pro-Canada and Equine Facilitated Learning as well as extensive Mental Health Counselling skills. In a healthy, attuned, and supportive environment, we gently guide your child through each interaction with the miniature horses and their new friends to support them in processing challenges, overcoming obstacles, and the embodied learning that sharing space with horses can offer. 

Each week will offer new learning, including guest presenters, basic equine first aid, stable care, obstacle courses, trail walks, etc. By participating in our Stable Connections offerings, your child will cultivate embodied foundational skills that will translate to further equine endeavors, life-experiences, social settings and more.

This one-of-a-kind program is appropriate for any child who seeks to be in the company of horses in a Heartfelt Way. Whether they are new to the equine world, have experienced a loss in confidence in another setting, or just haven't found a place of belonging, Stable Connections offers a beautiful start for all horse-loving littles.

Please Note: Limited spots are available for the Sunday SC Group, however individual Stable Connections lessons are available for ages 6+ and can be flexible in schedule. For those who are new to the farm, we ask everyone to participate in one "intro" lesson to best assess what program would be most suitable and enjoyable for your child. If you are interested in booking an intro lesson please reach out!

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Stable Connections

Program Details

Why Miniature Horses?

When working with Miniature Horses, partnership is put at the forefront of connection. Taking the element of "riding" out of the equation allows the focus to be on building trust and centering the emotional & relational experience, two of the most important qualities that horses have to teach us. What is sometimes lost in the Equine world is the importance of developing these skills on the ground, all of which translate exponentially into every other aspect of the horse world. A solid foundation on the ground will not only equip your little one with a more holistic understanding of natural horse language and herd dynamics, but also help develop their confidence, self-regulation, and emotional attunement. Whatever their long term equine dreams may be, a solid foundation is key to healthy, congruent, and connected success!

Our miniature horses are the perfect size for children, creating a more approachable and inviting oppurtunity to engage with these incredible creatures. Each of our herd members not only have extended experience with children, but are also always engaged with in the Heartfelt Way which allows them to show up fully and authentically as themselves - thus encouraging your child to do the same!

Pony Lease Experience

By registering in our Stable Connections Group program, your child will have the very special opportunity to "lease" one of our miniature horses who will become their partner for the duration of the program. Your child will also have many opportunities to work with and build connections with our other herd members. At the end of the program, you will have first choice to renew the lease for the next program series if your child would like to continue their Stable Connections journey. This unique lease experience offers opportunity for growth, equine exploration, and an ever deepening connection with their miniature horse friend.

SC Group Program Outline

Each Stable Connections program will be personally adapted to meet the needs and skill level of you child. Whether they are enrolling in weekly lessons or the Sunday Group, each session will be designed to offer new learning, continued growth, and equine exploration

Sample Outline:

Week One: Welcome & Pony Pairings

Week Two: Care & Connection

Week Three: Stable Management & Partnership Development

Week Four: Applied Knowledge & Skills

SC Group Pricing & More

Stable Connections Sunday Group

Price: $450 + gst / month


☾ 4 weekly sessions facilitated by our compassionate and educated equine instructors

☾ One month "lease" of one of our special miniature horses

☾ Guided equine learning including demonstrations, guest speakers, and hands-on stable management

☾ Priority enrollment in additional private lessons and Stable Connections series

2024 Group is currently full, now accepting waitlist or individual lessons


Ages 8+

Sundays, 9:30-12:30

SC Private & Semi-Private Lessons

For week to week Stable Connections lessons, we offer both private and semi-private. These lessons are a gentle paced introduction to Heartfelt Farm and the Stable Connections learning, with each lesson shaped to meet your child exactly where they are at.


Individual - $55/ hour

Semi-Private (Max of 2 per group) - $45/ hour

*Introductory Welcome Lesson (for all those new to the farm or Stable Connections) - $45/hour*

For more info or to book an intro lesson, please email us below!

Contact us to reserve a spot