Where to Begin

Whether you are being referred by a third party (pediatrician, psychologist, family doctor, teacher, social worker, school counsellor, etc.) or you are self-referring, we begin our process with a free consult (approximately 15 minutes) to explore your child's needs, concerns, and options.

Moving forward from there, we will book the first appointment which will be an intake session. During this thorough session with our lead practitioner, we will begin to curate a treatment plans specific to your child's needs. 

For your second appointment, you and your child will be given a guided orientation to the farm, our animals, and the land. This shared experience is often helpful for parents and children to reduce antisipatory anxiety when starting something new such as therapy. Together you will meet with your primary therapist and begin the process of developing the therapeutic relationship.

We recognize that it is a priviledge to work with your child and the trust that is involved in this process. It is our promise to you to support your child in identifying their resources and strengths, and to truly honour and celebrate their uniqueness. 

To begin your healing journey with Heartfelt Therapy, please email us at heartfelttherapy@shaw.ca to book a consult. Please allow 48 hours for a response. 

Please note: Our therapy practice hours are 9am - 5pm. As we work primarily with children and youth, "after-school" session times are extremely limited and currently not available. We have a separate waitlist for after school session, and wait times cannot be guaranteed. Though we will do our best to accommodate you, flexibility in your schedule will streamline your child's treatment process and will ensure your child gets the care they need in a timely manner.