The Circle Of Support

Our team is made of highly skilled professionals, Registered Art Therapists, Expressive Play Therapists, Registered Clinical Counsellors, Mental Health Professionals, Child and Youth Care Workers, Educators and Lifelong Learners who will be a part of the circle of support for your child.  We share values and a heart for children and together we offer our unique abilities, education and varied lived experiences in support of your child and family. 

We understand that Safety (both physical and emotional) is of vital importance to you and to your child. We have individually and collectively, fostered established relationships in the local communities, neighboring schools, home learning platforms, other child-centered and Indigenous and Metis family support agencies. 

Every member of our team has updated criminal record checks with the vulnerable sector and workplace First Aid.

  • Katy Scoones - MA, RCAT, EFW

    Katy is the founder of
    Heartfelt Therapy which, like many of our animals, found its forever home at Heartfelt Farm. Katy is a Registered Canadian Art Therapist, (Post MA Art Therapy, MA, BA, Vis Art Dpl) and is an Equine - Facilitated Mental Wellness Practitioner. She has training in Expressive Play Therapy and Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma.  Katy recalls
    fondly caring for her first pony at age 6 and finding a sense of belonging in the natural world. She has been sharing the company of horses now for over 50 years. Katy believes in creating a culture of reciprocity and caring, and her
    farm is a place of safety and solace for those who struggle, which is something she has always found in the presence of her animal relations. Her background in the Creative Arts and a variety of Mental Health settings culminated in a career which is centered on supporting the young ones - who are both our present and our future.

  • Meag Saulnier - CYC

    Meag Saulnier is a mixed ancestry womyn of European and Mi’kmaq descent. She is grateful to the Lkwungen people for providing a home away from home and has had the great honour to work within community for the past 17 years in various capacities. Meagan’s educational background is in Child and Youth Care and has been trained in attachment and trauma informed approaches. She values relational work while also honouring Indigenous teachings and ways of knowing, doing, being, and healing. Meagan has a deep respect for the land – the four legged, winged ones, crawlers, finned friends, standing still and plant relatives, recognizing them as a part of the work she does. Meagan also believes in the power of play and artistic expression as important tools on ones journey.

  • Sasha Routley - MA CYC, RCC

    For as long as Sasha can
    remember, animals and the natural world have held significant roles in her life,
    as some of her dearest friends, teachers and healers.  

    In her ongoing journey of healing, growth and education, Sasha has learned that horses have extraordinary ways of engaging humans in experiences of authentic connection, deeply felt support and resilience.

    Sasha is thrilled and grateful to have a place in this compelling area of therapy, where the innate capacity to heal is nourished through relationships of mutual safety, belonging and kinship with the more-than-human world.

  • Hannah Scoones - EFW

    Hannah is our herd manager, group co-facilitator and an up and coming Equine Wellness Practitioner. Growing up with the priviledge of being surrounded by horses and a natural understanding of their sacred way of being, Hannah is motivated by the wisdom and learning that horses have to offer us. Currently completing her Equine Facilited Wellness (Pro Canada) training, Hannah is a Co-Facilitator of many Heartfelt offerings, as well as program lead for our very own Stable Connections program.

  • Sophie Scoones - B.Ends

    Growing up on Coast Salish Territory, Sophie has always walked with a desire to be in relationship to, and a caretaker of, the natural world and its many facets. At the farm, Sophie is our program designer, Little Well Beings lead, flower grower, animal caretaker, and goods curator for our farmstand & shop. Inspired by the teachings of Robin Wall Kimmerer, Sophie believes that when you love something in nature, you will take care of it; at Heartfelt Farm, her intention is to gently guide children into a loving connection with the natural world.

  • Spirit

  • Nosey

  • Cowboy

  • Guinness

  • Ladybug

  • Onyx

  • Buttercup

  • Paisley

  • Tomtom

  • Spot

  • Farley

  • The Flower Girls

    Meet the Flower Girls, our fantastic feathered friends. This sweet group is made up of 11 hens (Rosie, Mossy, Petal, Ivy, Maggie, Sage, Sunflower, Bluebell, Tulip, Petunia, & Tiger) and one lovely Roo (Sir Baby Fleur). As you can imagine, getting 12 birds in one picture is a task! So instead here is a pic of Tulip and her chicks in 2022

  • Ellie

    In loving memory of our sweet girl Ellie, whose light will stay with us forever and always. Ellie spent her years at the farm touching the hearts and spirits of many with her beautiful energy, playfulness, enthusiasm for life, and endless sense of adventure. We are so grateful to have had the honour to know and care for her all these years ❤

  • Tetley (Ted)

    In loving memory of our sweet boy Tetley; our honourary four legged camp leader who spent his days welcoming kiddos to the farm, guiding them throughout their visits, wading in the pond, pottering around during early morning chores, and overall being the most wonderful boy. He is missed and loved by many ❤