Heartfelt Therapy offers both Individual and Group Services for Children & Youth. Both our nature-based individual and group programs adhere to high ethical standards and core principles that run throughout every aspect of our professional practice. Research informs us that a “felt sense of safety” is a fundamental component to supporting neural change processes within your child’s nervous developing nervous system and brain architecture.  Therefore, our child-led and therapist guided sessions are attuned, gentle, mindful and often playful. We practice a contained present-moment focus with the knowledge that all of these threads woven together are proven support for developing self-regulation processes and a healthy, flexible and resilient nervous system. We want your child to find a place of belonging, to normalize the process of personal growth and to establish a sense of being “home” within themselves. 

Modalities for our services include:

  • Art Therapy
  • Expressive Play Therapy
  • Equine Facilitated Wellness Pro Canada
  • Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Land-Based Interventions
  • Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy & Complex Trauma


Our Facility

Our facility offers a unique therapeutic experience in a natural setting. Through both individual and group services, your child will have the opportunity to explore each aspect of the farm, including:

The Spotted Dog Studio: In this space, your child will engage in the benefits of utilizing Expressive Play Therapy, Art Therapy and Sand Tray to process and integrate the presenting concerns.

The Garden: In this space, your child will engage with the ongoing processes, rhythms, and patterns of growth and change.  At the streamside and Native Garden, the mysteries of the natural world and uncultivated spaces serve as a metaphor for our own self-discovery

The Barn: In this space, your child will experience the healing qualities of animal connections and relations. We work especially hard to maintain high levels of integrity in our treatment, care, shelter, cleanliness, feeding and over-arching responsibilities to the animals we partner with in this work. We not only do therapeutic sessions in the company of our herd animals (horses, goats, chickens, and our lovely dog Spot), but we also offer opportunities to educate, inform, and build meaningful relationships between the animals and the clients we walk alongside.